Spring Camp Q&A with Olympian and Olympic Coach, Scott Oldershaw

Scott Oldershaw is Canada's most decorated Canoe/Kayak coach, leading his athletes to a total of 5 Olympic medals, in 5 Olympic Games, as well as competing at the 1984 Olympics in K1 himself.  Scott has been attending spring training camps since he was a young athlete, so he has plenty of training camp experience to pass on to both athletes and coaches.

Check out our Q&A interview:

Q: What advice would you give young paddlers about spring training camps?

A: Spring camp is the time to work hard on technique and to paddle as many kilometres as possible. Technique before speed. and have fun!

Q: What advice would you give coaches about spring training camps?

A: Use this time to correct technique. Don’t worry about how fast someone is going, more important that they paddle properly. Make camp enjoyable for the athlete.

Q: What is your favourite work out to put on a spring training program?

A: Washrides - varying distance and structure

Q: How should a weights program change from winter to spring training camp?

A: Weights during camp should be minimal maintenance weights. Body is too tired from paddling to do effective strength gains

Q: How do you know when your body is burning out vs. just training hard?

A: Enjoyment level is a good indicator. Athletes who train hard usually enjoy it until they get run down. If an athlete has 3 ‘tired’ workouts in a row, time to be careful and look into why.

Q: What is your favourite non-paddling related activity to do at a spring training camp?

A: Naps.