Sprint to Surfski


Growing up in the sprint canoe/kayak community meant being completely immersed in paddling, but only one very specific discipline.  I would hear about paddlers in Australia and NZ starting with surfski then racing sprint, but it seemed like a foreign idea that didn't apply to myself or fellow Canadians.  Once Nelo, the world's premier sprint boat manufacturer, started producing top quality surfskis, it occurred to me that I might like it, and guess what, it's really awesome.  I feel like I am late to a party that I didn't want to go to but then ended up having a great time... wait am I the only one who does that?

I often hear about how surfski is a good thing to do once you are no longer training for sprint racing full time, which is true, however, it is a great way to train for sprint as well.  You can learn so much about balance, technique, connecting to the water, and more.  The technique is exactly the same, so you aren't "messing up" your sprint technique by hopping into a surfski, and quite often you can go harder longer because you're having too much fun to notice you're tired.

Nelo has a range of skis for all levels of ability.  For more info on how to get your hands on one or to set up a demo, visit nelocanada.ca.