Why Harbour Paddling came to be.

Hey guys,

My name is Tessa Oldershaw, and I am the founder of Harbour Paddling.

I trained in sprint kayak for many years, and have recently taken up surfski as well.  My family has a rich history in canoe/kayak, and I have grown up immersed in the sport. I love canoe/kayak in all its disciplines, and am excited to see that all paddlesports are gaining popularity so more people can enjoy getting out on the water.

When I was a full time athlete, I was always in search of clothing and accessories that would work for paddling.  All paddlers have done it- gone to running, yoga, ski, or general fitness stores to try to find a product that will slide on a seat, respond well to water, stretch in the right ways, not fall down or ride up when in a paddling position, etc. while also looking good (that's a big part of going fast, I am sure.)

I also have a background in the fashion industry, specifically quality assurance, technical development, and retail.  This specific skill set combined with my years of paddling experience made me realize I could curate a specialized collection of clothing and accessories that are proven to be great in a boat or on a board out on the water.

My mission is to be a place for paddlers by paddlers, and I am sure this site will evolve as I learn.  If you would like to be a guest blogger, or have any suggestions or feedback on your favourite paddling gear, please reach out! tessa@harbourpaddling.ca

Thanks for stopping by and happy paddling.

- Tessa

Bert Oldershaw

Grandpa Bert Oldershaw